Learn About Different Kung Fu Styles, in this book review

We are going to look at a great little book that gives the full history and information on various Kung Fu styles book. This book was published January 2000 but the information in this book is amazing and great for martial arts’ practitioner or someone looking to start martial arts’ or martial arts’ connoisseur. The book, Kung Fu , Tae Kwondo, Tai Chi, Iaido, Shinto Ryu etc

Martial Arts Covered

The following martial arts’ are covered .

  1. Wing Chun
  2. Mok Gar
  3. Kick Boxing
  4. Tae Kwondo
  5. Tai Chi Chuan
  6. Kendo
  7. Iaido
  8. Shinto Ryu

This is a practical manual for those martial arts’ above, covering step by step information about various techniques with advice from qualified experts.

There is over 350 colour photographs showing exercises, techniques, stances, each style has various self defense techniques which could be used.

You will get the concise explanations and philosophy behind each martial art,

A comprehensive introduction to those martial arts’, a great training manual for adults and kids, showing blocking, striking, sparring, warm up, exercises, equipment, clothing, weapons, self defense, advice, health and fitness and much more.

This great kung fu styles book is a collectors item and could be great for MMA practitioners as they need to know many types of techniques from various different martial arts’.

History and Philosophy

Wing Chun is a very popular Kung Fu in this section you will find out the origins of wing chun and how it started. What wing chun actually means. There are dates and how wing chun is linked to the shaolin temple. The history is fully explained in a compact easy to read article.

The philosophy is explained covering the main key training points like bong sau and sticky hands. There is a list of the benefit of wing chun

Mok – Gar this shaolin art well-known for kicking, originally developed by a midget called Mok Da Si great history.

The ability to defend oneself against an armed attacker is the mark of a competent and assured mok-ar practitioner

Kick boxing is relatively modern martial art and is a combination of various martial arts’. The history on this martial art is detailed with the names of so of the famous kick boxers of the past.

Tae Kwondo this martial art comes from a number of martial arts’ the main one being from Korea, known for its high kicks. The history is laid out in a comprehensive fashion. Also, has many breaking techniques

The above is a sample of a small section of some martial arts’. On this subject once you get your copy you can read in full and read the other martial arts’ history and philosophy articles.

Clothing and Equipment

Wing Chun the clothing can be varied in many schools you need comfortable trousers normally black and mainly T-shirts with the club emblem on the T-shirt. With some kung fu shoes, The equipment in Wing Chun like the weapons which consist of long stick and butterfly knives. Not a weapon the wooden dummy this is taught to the most senior students once they reach the correct level. The wooden dummy can be purchased and there are many types, please see my post on wooden dummies here.

Mok-Gar being a classic Chinese martial art, wear a white T-shirt and the different coloured trousers in this case the trousers are orange and black stripe down the side again wear kung fu shoes. There are also a number of sashes for grading s various colours. The use weapons and there is a vast array of weapons including three section staff, spear, staff, split staff butterfly knives, broadsword, Taiji sword three sections and nine section steel whips you can get the full details from this a great book.

Tae Kwondo clothing is similar to a karate suit just different designs you also have belts in various colours for rankings the trousers have to be very loose fitting as in this martial art they do very high kicks.

The Basic for wearing martial arts clothing

In general most martial arts’ need to have comfortable clothing enabling the practitioners to carry out the moves with relatively great ease and non-restrictive clothing but, martial arts’ like Kendall which is a sword martial art of course you will need a lot of protection and as it is a Japanese martial art you’ll be wearing a hakarma with protection for the body, hand, arm protection and head.

This is just to give you a taste into what is worn in different martial arts’ of course you can get the main details from this book when you purchase yours.


There is some form of etiquette in almost all martial arts’, this is to ensure respect discipline while training. Of course, it varies from art to art, Etiquette is used as a sign of respect for the art the instructor and fellow practitioners and the training area. Some schools show respect entering and leaving the training area. In Chinese martial arts’ carry out a salute.

While Japanese martial arts’ carry out a bow in general .

In general, you are required to have the correct attitude and respect towards the art and its beliefs no matter which martial arts’ you are practicing. Some martial arts’ have plenty of etiquette like aikido where there are many ways to bow.

All the etiquette is covered for the various martial art’s within this book and it is laid out in an easy and informative manner if this is a subject that interests you will find it appealing.


Exercises are varied depending on the specific martial art for instance wing chun where they do not kick above the waist will not have to do a load of leg stretching exercises. They mainly concentrate on techniques like kicks below the waist and hand techniques these exercises are geared towards this martial art.

Tend to be of course plenty of drills in Wingchun that are two men drills things like chi sau and sticky hands. Tend to be a number of drills in wing chun.

Tae Kwondo has plenty of exercises as this is a martial art where there is a lot of high kicks so there will be plenty of stretching exercises. Helping you working towards doing the side splits and box splits this involves single and two man stretching exercises. Plenty of time should be spent on warming up to prevent damage to any muscles. Of course with most martial arts’ there are strength exercises like press-ups squats etc.

Some`martial arts’ where there is minimal slow movement the exercises are minimal and you can go straight into the martial art. . Such as Tia Chi where they are very slow movements there are minimal exercises and of course this can be practiced by anyone of any age and mainly practiced by older people.

if you purchase this book you will be able to learn the exercises of each of those martial arts’ and practice them if you wish or add them to your own training routine or you may want to improve your own flexibility.


There are many techniques in this book covering all the different martial arts’ as listed above. You will find great techniques some of which you will not have seen before. I would recommend going through each section then going through those techniques.

Tend to be blocks and attack techniques showing various attacks including elbows, kicks, grabs.

Some of those martial arts’ demonstrate weapons techniques and Wingchun in particular shows some techniques from the Wingchun wooden dummy.

Mok-Gar shows various self-defense techniques using punches, back fists and Kicks

Kick boxing shows various kicks flying kicks straight kicks to the stomach and how to defend against kicks.

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Tae kwon do shows various techniques concentrating on kicking of course Like flying kicks spinning. Going through a full range of kicks as this martial mainly concentrates on kicking.

Shinto Ryu this is especially an interesting section of the book as it is a self-defense system designed for the street. This self-defense system goes straight into techniques to learn to defend against various forms of attack. Like how to defend against grabs, kicks, punches even defense against weapons.

This was my favourite section as it can be practiced by any age, gender and fitness level. This unique self defense system is accessible to all.

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This is a great book covering many kung fu styles. In this book you get details of eight different martial arts’ learning about the history, philosophy, clothing and equipment, exercises etiquette and techniques each section is detailed enough for you to get a good understanding of that martial art. If you wish to take up one you could decide whether this is the martial art for you, this book will aid you in your decision-making. In regard to starting a Martial Art You may be interested in one of those martial arts’.

If you have been practicing martial arts’ for sometime and would like to see the other side of martial arts’. There has been a lot of work which has gone into producing such a book and I think it’s is underestimated this is a great book amazing knowledge and great for any martial arts’ connoisseur. This book may soon be limited on the market so get yours without delay

Please leave your comments in the box below I would like to hear from you if you study any of those martial arts’ or if you already have the book and find it interesting or if you have any comments on my post

Train hard, focus and practice

Wince 🙂

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  1. Haha thanks for the article my guy! To be completely honest with you, I actually found this article really interesting. I’ve been looking for new material to read to get me through really long bus and train commutes. I’m pretty interested in the art of Kung-Fu myself, specifically Tae Kwondo. I’m hopeful to learn more about Tae Kwondo so that I can be better equipped for life. Cheers!

    • Hi Jongabriel, 

      Thanks for your comments, this is a great book to look through and find out more about those martial arts so you can choose which style suits you best. Full details are provided for each style, yes tae kwondo is a great style to choose. You may also want to checkout my post on SOME OF THE BEST KICKING MARTIAL ARTS

      let me know how you get on,

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