Focus Pads for Martial Arts Quick Review

Focus pads martial arts review for RDX INC FPL T3W, looking at those focus pads giving you information needed to make an informed decision whether to purchase those pads. Looking at quality, features, design. hopefully answering all those questions you need answers for. Those pads are very popular and are used by many martial arts, and can be purchased from here BUY NOW CLICK=>
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  1. Kickboxing
  2. Muay Thai
  3. Karate
  4. Boxing
  5. Wing Chun
  6. MMA

Product Description

  • 100% leather
  • Supremo-Shock Foam™ and EVA-LUTION FOAM
  • Shell Shock™ gel Equilibrium Sheet
  • Domed ergonomic palm design
  • Loop closure easy adjustability
  • Weight 699g

Those pads have hook loop quick secure to ensure pads are secure, comfortable and adjusted to the hands. The gel equilibrium sheet helps to dispel the shock and helps buffer against heaving blows, Has a doomed palm design to help with the grip and even out the impact. The combinations of the different foams provides the highest degree of protection. Leather padding with reinforced stitching to ensure the focus pads strong and durable.

Using RDX INC FPL T3W Focus Pads

Doing this focus pads martial arts review is great as I own my own pair and have spend many a training session punching, kicking and holding those pads. I can say the following I found them great, they are very light and easy to put on and adjust making them secure and comfortable for me. Having used a number of different pads in the past the quality I found in those are better, please see below:

  1. Light weight
  2. The ball in the palm making secure and comfortable
  3. soft leather
  4. Gel and special foam, great for high impact with damage to the hand or wrist
  5. Great for Kids
  6. The strap support the wrist
  7. Fits like a glove
  8. Great size
  9. Found them great for punches, elbows, kicks, knees
  10. Great for power punch training
  11. Easy to clean

The only cons I can say but those are from others not from me they were not an issue to me please see below

  1. Costly
  2. The red soft mesh material (some people find it irritating) on the back of the hands

This focus pads martial arts review, shows from the above points focus pads are a good purchase for any of the above martial artists.

How to use pads the basics

Focus pads martial arts review has help you, now for some pad work!!

The pads should be held in left and right with left pad being hit with the right hand, the right pad being hit by the left hand. This is classic pad training for boxing basics. Elbows forward to ensure you as the pad holder are protecting your shoulders as you could damage your shoulder joints if the positions are not correct. Another thing to remember is not to hold the pads too close to your face as you could get hit by an attack of sorts or the pads may spring back and hit you in the face. Also do not hold the pads out to the sides of your body to wide. Do not hold the pads too far forward or too far back. They should be held somewhere in between.

Basic left jab to be delivered to the left pad slight slap to protect your body as the pad holder, and right cross delivered to the right pad ensuring you keep the pad down and flash the pads , this will help the puncher get use to the pads appearing making training more natural. Ensure the punches are tight not big swinging movements this aids in quick recovery and speed. Now moving around flashing the pads as you move and the puncher must only punch when the pad holder is ready.

Combinations Using Pads

There is a very basic combination which is jab, cross and hook, While doing this combination as the pad holder ensure you are focused and the combination are carried out tight (not big swinging movements but tight controls punches allowing the puncher to practice his combinations and improve his skill. Those and more advanced boxing drills will improve your reaction time, improve your techniques, improve your punching, improve your defense and improve your footwork.

Pad work can also be a great work for somebody who does not usually use them, you may be in a martial art that does not used punching like judo, and you may just want to practice some punching and punch combinations. If this is the case ensure you get hand raps and mitts for the puncher and as the pad holder that you stand in the boxers stance, not square as this will cause you to keep falling off balance. and a boxers stance will ensure you are more solid to the ground. As the pad holder you can use the basic above but ensure you communicate to the puncher to ensure they get a good workout and you do not get any injuries. Make sure you are not holding the pads too limp this will cause damage to your wrists or shoulders. The hitter needs a solid target to hit but do not slam against the punchers punches only a slight slap this will protect you and give the punchers a good workout.

Focus Pads and Wing Chun

Focus pads martial arts review, those pad are used in the martial art of Wing Chun and the RDX FPL T3W are perfect for the training drills in wing Chun where, the classic wing chun straight punch is practiced and with various combinations and continuous punching drills. Focus pads are an essential part of wing chun practice.


As above the can conclude the RDX FPL T3W Focus Pads and a good all round focus pads with all the pros mentioned above and only 2 cons

Without question they are more pros than cons and those pads are very popular. Their is cheaper pads on the market but, the extra cost has been described as justified by the users as the quality of those pads and very high.

Focus pads martial arts review was great, I would personally recommend buying those pads and you can purchase the from here BUY NOW CLICK=>

Please leave comments below, what do you think ? what focus pads do you use

Train hard, focus and practice


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2 thoughts on “Focus Pads for Martial Arts Quick Review

  1. I have been training with a group of fiends. And deciding between Thai pads and focus pads was not easy. So my experience has been this. When holding the Thai pads, it takes a bit of work, but their great versatility and impact absorption makes them, in my opinion, worth it. But if the training in which you’ll be in is going to be boxing-only, no kicks or knees, it’s better to buy focus pads. 

    • Hi Abel, Thanks for your comments, yes is takes a while to get the hang of if you are new to it. You do see the difference when you use a poor set of pads, they have no absorbing effects and can damage the hands and wrists. Best get a quality pairs of pads and protect your hands and wrists, 

      Especially great foe punching only as you mentioned 

      All the best 


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