Ba Gua Kung Fu Book Review

This Kung fu book review we will be looking at the book Ba Gua Hidden Knowledge in the Taoist Internal Martial Art by John Bracy and Liu Xing-Han. Going through the key point of the book and our thoughts on the book itself. Helping those interested in the art learn a bit more and the more senior students enhance their knowledge of the art. One of the great Chinese martial arts. You can buy this book here: BUY NOW CLICK HERE

The history of the art of Ba Gua Kung Fu

This art goes back some time and was developed between 1798 and 1879 by master Dong HaiChuan of the Ching Dynasty. This art was based on special walking circular movements, effective turning methods. He studied with Taoist up in the mountains developing the art. There is a long detailed history layed out in this book, Which is structured well and has plenty of original photos of the old masters and practitioners, showing full details of dates times and linage including the writers of this book. Details of Ba Gua kung fu art detailed. This system is an internal martial art.

The writer provides chapters on his introduction into the ba Gua kung fu system

The Ba Gua Kung Fu system

This book is great for those interested in the art, not popular at the minute due arts like MMA and BJJ but this may be the right are for you, Was designed to defend against multiple opponents and for bodyguards. With twisting and turning the practitioner does not stay rooted in one place for too long. Quick and arcing movements flowing while in combat situation. Coiling and twisting movements are what stands the system out from other arts. Using thee spine, muscles. Tendons and Ligaments. The opponent will suddenly find the practitioner behind him. Details are given regarding the three theories or rules of practice. Other points within the art to learn.

The earlier and later heaven

The eight gate,

The yin and yan

Merging of yin and yan with the five elements

This is a deep martial art and will take years to master but, sill suit anyone interested in Chinese martial arts and an internal art.

The mechanics of Bu Gua kung fu is specific thirty-six turns, upper and lower body maneuvers and many more detailed within this book, the exercises re also good for the body, and spirit etc which is said to developed through your training in the system this is due to the original Taoist system.

Internal power within the system is briefly discussed along with the chi in martial arts, Types of internal power, energy systems, qi and the mind body development, Applied (religious) Taoism, new Taoist alchemists, the new tradition, Taoist yoga and the martial arts, The ching and shen models, proper meridian and organ qi, Martial arts and health of the body and mind etc those are some items discussed in detail giving the reader an understanding of those points which are hard to understand in the western world.

Details of the Taoist and Yogic practices with in the Ba Gua kung fu

Ba Gua kung fu and health

Full details of the health benefits are given in this book and cover the mind, body and spirit and as an internal arts has a great deal of emphasis on the internal side of things with regard to Qi Taoist and yoga. Which are covered in great detail and could be hard to understand if you are new to those systems example Taoist or yoga

If you are in to the internal side of martial arts and wish to know more about the internal side this book is great for you as it mainly looks at the internal aspects of the ba gua kung fu and this internal details will be the same in many internal martial arts. Those internal arts have different ways of developing internally example strength, power, mind and spirit. If you do an internal art you will find most of the book interesting as the book mainly covers the internal development and benefits.


There are also sections within this book that covers turning stepping, give a detail short section,

Drills covering two-man application covering simple principles with descriptions and various photos. You should be able to practice those with a partner.

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There is also section on Ba Gua kung fu self-defense application of techniques, this covers various attacks and should the counters to those attacks using Ba Gua defensive skills. There is also defense against knife attacks. Those art photos and descriptions. There could be more techniques in this section but, it gives you an idea.


This is a great book for those who are currently practicing Ba Gua kung fu and would like to know more about the internal martial arts side of the art. It covers a wide variety of the internal side, If you are already practicing the art you may be able to make more sense of the content in those sections and may be able to get full explanations from your instructor.

For those new to Ba Gua kung fu you will learn the history of the art along with concepts and techniques.

In general the structure of the book is great and has detailed information about the art, and The history of the art, Detailing mostly the internal systems and theory. There are enough images which are good quality and some are photos of the past masters and students.

Limited drills have been included along with some defensive techniques

This book could suit a practitioner of Ba Gua Kung Fu they would get the most benefit from this book with all that information and the history and the internal and health sections. BUY NOW CLICK HERE

I rate this book 8 out of 10

Please give me your feedback on the book or leave comments regarding my review or Ba Gua kung fu

Train hard, focus and practice


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2 thoughts on “Ba Gua Kung Fu Book Review

  1. When I was searching for a good martial art for self defense, a friend talked to me of Ba Gua. In his words, it is a powerful art for self-defense. But after I have been researching about it, I conclude that like any martial art, it requires hard work to master basic techniques. Nothing that is useful is easy.

    • Hi Ann, thanks for the comments, Ba Gua  is a great Chinese martial art which is not as popular as many other arts. You may find it difficult to get a good teacher, Just make sure you do your research and check the linage of the instructor. This book is a great start and will give you all the information about this art including history and techniques. 

      I always say the secret of martial arts and many other things is consistency! do not worry about hard work as you will talk yourself out of training just keep turning up and training and you will progress!.

      All the best 


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