One of the Best Martial Arts Books

NEED MARTIAL ARTS EQUIPMENT VISIT BLITZ OR CENTURY MARTIAL ARTS Looking into some of the best martial arts’ books around, this will be an ongoing theme as there are too many martial arts’ to narrow down the best books down to a few arts’. We go to look at the following book The Warrior Within … Read moreOne of the Best Martial Arts Books

Mixed Martial Arts Training

Mixed martial arts (MMA) system incorporates techniques and theories from several martial arts and the origins back to 19th and 20th century. Became more popular in the 1960`and 1970`s with martial arts such as jeet kune do, Wing chun, tai chi, boxing, judo, taekwondo kajukenbo, karate, jujitsu, kenpo, kickboxing, muary thai, krav maga, wrestling, grappling, … Read moreMixed Martial Arts Training

Learn Ninja Fighting Techniques

Ninjutsu the art of the ninja, which started 572 – 672 in a military campaign a non-competitive art has different versions and was started in Japan. There are more than 1500 techniques including joint lock, throws, movement and kick. If you wish to learn ninja fighting techniques they are very effective and dangerous techniques. Seishinteki … Read moreLearn Ninja Fighting Techniques

Martial Arts Training Exercises

When doing any martial arts, you will know there are various martial arts training exercises those help your achieve a good level of skill. Depending on the martial art you do this will determine what martial arts exercises your will be practicing, Its great to just run through some of those exercises and share the … Read moreMartial Arts Training Exercises

Best Martial Arts Movies Ever Different Actors and Different Styles

We are going to take a look at the best martial arts’ movies ever with different actors, That will involve looking at films from different styles of martial arts’. This will give you a better idea of the fighting styles as you will see various techniques and applications, Some high quality martial arts’ moves. Enter … Read moreBest Martial Arts Movies Ever Different Actors and Different Styles

The Brazilian Martial Arts Dance Capoeira

The Brazilian martial arts dance capoeira is a martial art practiced in Brazil mainly, this art has a long history and is very popular. Having high kicks a rhythmic feel to the art, is great to watch and takes time to learn. It is a global martial art with schools in many countries with many … Read moreThe Brazilian Martial Arts Dance Capoeira

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