The Best Women Self Defense Moves

We will look at some of the best women self defense moves, This will involve looking at a number of martial arts that provide quick easy to learn self defensive moves. Providing self defense tips great self defense moves for women, Hopefully, this will provide you with the knowledge you need to take action and … Read moreThe Best Women Self Defense Moves

Kickboxing Training Book

Kickboxing is a great form of fitness and self defense, this system involves kicking, punching, elbows and knee attacks, I will look at one of my own personal favorite books on this system, this book was a great training aid for me back in the days when I used to practice and train this system. … Read moreKickboxing Training Book

The Power of Tai Chi Chuan

We are going to look at the book on Tai Chi Chuan, This book will help you learn the internal secrets of Tai Chi Chuan. Harness the power of Tai Chi Chuan learn the internal strength through this comprehensive program of meditation, forms practice and push hands skills. Step by step photos of each techniques … Read moreThe Power of Tai Chi Chuan

Learn Chi Energy Techniques

Chi Energy techniques, we are going to look at a little book packed with energy work this book is called the secrets of energy work by Paul Becher and has everything you need to know about energy work. Discover how improving energy flow within the body can promote good mental health and physical well-being. Written … Read moreLearn Chi Energy Techniques

Boxing Reflex Ball Training

We are going to review a great training aid for your boxing, This piece of equipment will increase your speed, reaction speed and improve your overall fitness, burn calories and eye coordination. Champs MMA boxing reflex ball. Looking at the boxing reflex ball training. This is also great fun and ideal for home training. Great … Read moreBoxing Reflex Ball Training